Lessons Help

Lesson Chapters There are 3 lesson chapters in the app Chapter 1: Introduction – Getting Your Brain to Work for You, not Against You Chapter 2 discusses: Technique – Learning the 3-Step Brain Hack to Remember Names Chapter 3 discusses: Practice – Shortcut to learning with the Name Skillz App […]

Practice Help

Practice Decks There are 10 unique name cards on each practice deck Name Cards Side A shows the Name and Picture of the person in the Card along with a sound clip of the name A sound button allows you to play the audio of the Person’s Name in the […]

People Help

Unlocking the People Mode Learn at least 30 names from the Practice Mode to unlock the People Mode People Groups You can choose between 5, 10, 20, 30 and 50 groups to meet Gameplay Meet people and remember their names through associated words and images You will be asked if […]

Bonus Deck

How many bonus cards are there? Currently. there are 40 bonus cards out there at the moment which can be acquired through Gaining Ranks, and Completing Achievements There will be more bonus cards in the future updates Bonus Deck Review You can practice with the cards inside the Bonus deck


Achievements are earned by performing or completing certain tasks within the App. Each achievement gives you a Badge and a Bonus Card Here is the Achievement List and Requirements   Name Description Bronze Silver Gold Discipline Longest number of consecutive days activity in app 3 days 4 5 Smarty Pants […]

Profile Help

Signing Up From the Home Screen, Go to the Profile Page by tapping into the profile icon on the top right corner of the Screen You can choose to sign up using the following methods: Facebook Twitter Google Email You will be asked to input your Name and Email, then […]

Edit Association Help

Editing Name and Image Association of a Name Card can be done within the Practice Mode, Review Mode, or in the Cards List from the User Profile The steps are the same as with all mentioned game modes: Tap into the card to go to its Side B (except for […]

Can I edit or add my own Associated Word and Image?

Yes, you can edit the Associated Word and Image of each card you have learned. Here’s how: Tap into the card to go to its ‘Side B’ To change the Associated Text: From there, you can tap into the current word association to begin editing When you’re finished editing, you […]