Can I set a Reminder to review?

Yes. You can set a schedule for a review reminder Go to the Profile page and tap the ‘Set a schedule’ button This will open up a popup with dialogue box for you to choose the best time to set the schedule. You can choose Morning, Noon, or Night There […]


You gain rank by accumulating XP or Experience points Each Rank requires a certain amount of XP to achieve Ranking up gives you a Bonus Card as a prize You also earn a Medal when you go up in Rank Here is the ranking table Rank XP Points Required Newbie […]

Experience Points (XP)

You earn XP or Experience points from doing various activities within the app like as Finishing a Lesson chapter, Practicing, Reviewing, meeting People, getting a Login Streak, etc Here is the Experience Points table   Action XP Notes Completes Chapter 1 and Quiz 300 Completes Chapter 2 and Quiz 500 […]


First step into using this App is by going through a series of Lessons in which you will be learning various skills and techniques The next step is to Practice the skills by learning names of different people. Here, you can edit word and image associations Next is to review […]