Practice Help

  • Practice Decks
    • There are 10 unique name cards on each practice deck
  • Name Cards
    • Side A shows the Name and Picture of the person in the Card along with a sound clip of the name
      • A sound button allows you to play the audio of the Person’s Name in the card again
    • Side B shows the Associated Word, Image, and the option to edit them
  • Review Deck
    • The review deck size varies depending on the number of cards you have learned (including the Bonus Cards)
    • Here, you will have to answer ✓ or X if you think the Associated word / picture matches the Name
    • The next time you Review, the cards will be shuffled according to how you answered them before. Those that you got right will be moved to the back, while those you got wrong will be moved to the front wherein you will most likely see them again soon

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