• Achievements are earned by performing or completing certain tasks within the App.
  • Each achievement gives you a Badge and a Bonus Card
  • Here is the Achievement List and Requirements


Name Description Bronze Silver Gold
Discipline Longest number of consecutive days activity in app 3 days 4 5
Smarty Pants Review cards learned (marked correct) 10 cards 25 100
Speed Racer Maybe # of “personal bests” scores/times? (Future Feature)
Critic Write a review in the App Store One time award
Security Guard Read privacy One time award
Legal Eagle Read terms and conditions One time award
Student Awards for lessons completed. 1 Lesson 2 3
Hungry Mind Groups of new cards opened. (not including bonus deck) 1 Deck 7 20
Shopaholic Purchase premium pack One time award
Social Butterfly Share progress with friends One time award
Networker Met a group size of people (ie. completed a round of play in Tab 3 [People]) 5 group size 15 30
Trainee Completed review sessions in Tab 2 (Practice) 1 review session 10 25

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